You've Got Your Hands Full!

Want to know what I hear a lot?  "5 kids!?  Triplets?!  You sure have your hands full!"  Well, yes I do have my hands full ... it's full of babies, kids, piles of laundy, bottles and dishes to clean .... but even more than my hands being full, my BRAIN is full!  Full of schedules, to do lists, priorities to juggle ... you name it!  I've started writing so many different blog posts but my brain just starts clouding over with all my other responsibilities.  It feels a bit like pregnancy brain but worse.  The first year of raising triplets is like living in a bit of a fog.  I'm trying to be everything to my children but still keep a sense of myself.  It's an impossible juggling act.  Sometimes I just need to let my brain relax and zone out.  Thankfully our all our kids are usually asleep by 8:30 ... which gives me time to snuggle up in bed with my ipad and watch reruns of The Office or Parks and Recreation.... or go on Pinterest or my favorite interior design blogs, like I Heart Organizing and Little Green Notebook, and look at pretty things.  So it's time to close down my computer for the day and go relax ... until I start all over again around 5 or 6am tomorrow.  And I may have my hands full ... but so is my heart.

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