That Morning Cup of Coffee...

Anyone else look forward to their morning cup of coffee before they go to bed at night?  I have this image of me sitting at the kitchen table, morning sunlight filtering through our french doors, while I slowly sip my cup of coffee while reading a favorite magazine or the newspaper.  That's just a dream though because my reality is: waking up early, changing 3 diapers (if not 3 outfits to boot), listening to a chorus of morning whines of "I'm huuunngrrrrry," fixing bottles then fixing breakfast (praise Jesus my big kids actually PREFER frozen waffles and sausage ... still frozen!), getting big kids ready for school, one off on the bus, all while corralling babies to keep them safe in the living room ... then maybe that's when I can I pour myself a cup of iced coffee (into my old Dunkin Donuts iced coffee cup that I just keep washing and reusing) or making a little pot of coffee for myself and drinking it in one of my favorite cups throughout the second half of the morning.  One of my favorite mugs is my Kate Spade 'K' mug ... not sure why exactly, it just is!  They don't make it anymore, but if I had to buy a new Kate Spade mug it'd be this one:

I love me some Kate Spade EVERYTHING

or this one, for a bit of whimsy.

My other favorite mug is courtesy of Bethenny Frankel ... RHONY is one of my guilty pleasure's and it's all thanks to her.

(the only problem with this mug is that my 5 year old can read now!!)
If I had more cabinet space I think it would filled with silly, kitschy mugs!  Here are a few that give me a lil smirk:

It's just cute.

Because. I. Am.

If you are a Parks and Recreation fan then you get this.

If loving this is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

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